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Bath Business Association Scholarship Program 
One $2,000 Scholarship will be awarded to a Bath Township student who is planning on pursuing a business' related major at an accredited college, university or technical school. It is required to have a 2.5 GPA
.  A business related degree is any degree that results in business ownership upon graduation.


  • Please download the form and review the requirements and questions.

  • Make sure you provide a resume detailing your goals and accomplishments.

  • Please be specific with your goals that incorporate pursuing a business related major that results in a business occupation, management role or ownership.

  • Make sure you provide your GPA and your FAFSA.

  • Make sure you live in Bath Township

  • Tell us your story. Use as much space as you need to tell us about yourself, and how this scholarship money will assist you in gaining a business-related degree! Good Luck!

  • Please submit to the following email address by April 4 2024: Bill Snow 330-990-0256

    REVERE Students:
    This link will take you to our local scholarship form that includes the option to select the scholarship for the Bath Business Association. Additionally, all scholarships for seniors are posted on their Naviance site. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Reinhold ( or Mr. DePompei ( who are in charge of scholarships this year.

Solar Eclipse on April 8

For the upcoming eclipse, the observatory at Bath Nature Preserve will be open with free viewers and 10 telescopes on the sun.  If you can carpool or walk, that would be ideal for traffic will be an issue.  Programing will start around 10 am with our TVs on locations experiencing the eclipse before we do.  If the sky is not clear, the viewing on YouTube will continue.  Coffee from Mugswisze, water and light snacks will also be available.  We will also have shirts in all sizes for sale at $20.00.  They show where you are in our galaxy (toss that GPS) and they glow in the dark (so who needs electricity).    Most importantly, have protection looking at the sun during the eclipse and vest our observatory where are programs are always free and open to the public.

Preserve the Barns of Bath Township

Barns are visible monuments to an agricultural past, which formed the foundation of our community.  They represent strong family values, which were passed onto us by those who came before. Their charm is unique, and the history they represent has preserved our rural way of life.

With over 60 barns within the 23 square miles of Bath Township, they are more than just monuments. They have been enhanced with art and decoration or have been transformed into homes, workshops, and business; and some are just barns. These structures continue to inspire us and are a beacon for hard-won bucolic values of the township.  However, with changes in the area’s demographics, these structures and what they represent, are fading from our landscape.

With this in mind, Bath Township has formed a committee, led by James McClellan, to focus on preserving and enhancing these structures.  The group, named the Bath Barns Project Committee, has a fully formed committee which is working to contact the barn owners of Bath Township to move this project from a vision to a reality.

If you are a barn owner and would like to participate in this project, please email or send a letter to the Bath Township Administrative Office, or call (330-666-4007).


The BBA is a business network that promotes business in Bath, supports the community and its members, and works to preserve and enhance the rural, scenic, and historical identity of the Ghent, Bath Center, and Hammond Corners hamlets along the Cleveland-Massillon Road Corridor.  More information is available on the website at or by calling 330-666-3347. 


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